Design guidelines for accessible
rail station infrastructure

SUJUVA is a set of visualised accessibility regulations, guidelines and recommendations for designing accessible rail station infrastructure. It benefits designers, developers and maintenance providers alike. The objective is to provide straightforward and user-friendly visualised accessibility guidance to make it easier for designers to find the most effective accessibility solutions and to help maintenance providers to keep the infrastructure accessible at all times. Having access to simple, intuitive accessibility guidance enables developers to check that the design is accessible, thus reducing the need to make changes later.

Rail station infrastructure is subject to special accessibility requirements and encompasses the metro or train station itself, including any buildings, as well as accessible routes to the nearest public transport connections, pick-up and drop-off points, and car parks. The information on the SUJUVA website can be used both to design new stations and to make improvements to existing infrastructure. There are also elements that are useful for renovation projects.

SUJUVA is particularly designed to improve accessibility in the interfaces of infrastructure developments and privately owned land. Accessible infrastructure makes it easier for all kinds of customers to use the station.

SUJUVA consists of visualised accessibility flashcards that can be found under Accessibility guidelines (page in Finnish). There is also a search function on the site. The flashcards contain summaries of accessibility regulations, guidelines and recommendations pooled from various sources. All the sources and more detailed instructions can be found under Sources (page in Finnish). Feedback on the site can be given under Contact (contact, page in Finnish). The recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox. In terms of screen readers, we recommend either NVDA or VoiceOver. 

SUJUVA is maintained by WSP Finland Ltd in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa and Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd.

Esteeton asemaympäristö

Rail station infrastructure is subject to special accessibility requirements.


Yhteistyössä Ympäristöministeriö, Väylävirasto, HKL, HSL, Espoon kaupunki, Vantaan kaupunki, Helsingin kaupunki, WSP